As with all medication there are some occurrences of side effects in people who are using Phentermine, and as such if you think you may be affected by using it you should always consult a doctor before buying any amount of Phentermine online.

The most common side effects which around 1% of people taking Phentermine may experience include them getting what is known as Xerostomia which is the medical name for a dry mouth. Other cases have been reported, albeit in tiny numbers of some people who take Phentermine suffering from Restlessness, Nervousness or in very rare cases both Euphoria and Agitation, as mentioned the number of people reporting these side effects are very rare.

Some other common yet rare side effects of taking and using Phentermine include Arrhythmia and Tachycardia or Hypertension. A few more common yet rare side effects include Diarrhoea and/ or Vomiting along with a Headache or a Rash.

You may also find you get a side effect affecting Urinary frequency or Facial oedema or you may get an unpleasant taste in your mouth for a short time after using it. Please do consult a doctor if you are worried about any potential side effects of using Phentermine to assist in weight loss, however in most cases no side effects will be experienced, however it is always best to be safe than sorry.