One of the most extensively treated ailments worldwide is obesity. Several medications are available in the market for patients who need to loose weight in order to control other illnesses associated with obesity. You can purchase these weight loss pills supplements and other weight loss medications through your doctors prescription or over-the-counter for non-prescription drugs.

Among other prescription medications, Phentermine is one of the mostly relied short-term treatments for weight loss. Its efficacy has been established in helping severely obese people jump-start a weight loss program that shall lead patients to a healthier lifestyle. The Food and Drug Administration classify Phentermine as Schedule III controlled substance. This means that it presents a high potential for abuse and addiction. This drug is considered as psychoactive substance that affects the functioning of the central nervous system suppressing brain regions in the hypothalamus which are responsible for appetite. Phentermine is related physically and pharmacologically to amphetamines which is considered as an illegal drug because it’s been extensively abused. Restriction for this type of medication is implemented by the authorities because prolonged and uncontrolled use may be addictive.

Prescription medications are generally more potent than those medicines that can be purchased over the counter and it may also have more serious side effects when inappropriately used. Prescription is a legal document that regulates the distribution and acquisition of psychotropic drugs like phentermine. This document takes care of maintaining the health and life of the patient because it contains important issues such as the right and safe dosage, proper balance with other medications and other precautions to be followed by the patient. However, reports have been documented that purchasing prescription drugs without recommendation from a duly licensed individual is manifested in different countries worldwide.

This reports opens up inquiries, if is it possible to buy phentermine without prescription? Possibility of acquiring phentermine without recommendation from a medical doctor seems feasible for other people through online pharmacies. These websites claims to offer a legitimate phentermine prescription after a process they refer to as online consultation. However, under American Law, Phentermine require a written and authenticate recommendation from a licensed medical practitioner before you can buy it. Phentermine is to be dispensed only to people with a legitimate medical purpose and medical prescription from a duly authorized doctor. It is illegal to buy phentermine without a prescription, more so it is illegal to sell or give your phentermine to someone else. Such acts are against federal or state laws wherein you can be prosecuted.

Nonetheless, great number of pharmaceutical and related web-sources involved into distribution of prescription drugs is becoming widely accessible in the World Wide Web. They offer an easy purchase without prescription and quite a simple process where all you need is some cash out at your credit card or e-currency account. Although it is easy to obtain phentermine without prescription, doing so still remains risky and may pose threats to your health. Taking phentermine or any other drugs without thorough diagnosis and consultation with your doctor is harmful in many ways. Drugs are chemicals that tap into the brain communication system and disrupt the way nerve cells normally send, receive and process body functions. Along with this drugs are the long and short term side effects that can be extremely damaging such as psychosis, fatigue and mental depression.

Before deciding to purchase phentermine without prescription, limitations on the effectiveness of this drug should be well understood. Phentermine belongs to a group of medications that begin to lose their effectiveness for weight control when used for longer periods. Possible risk to your health should be carefully weighed before this drug is advised for consumption.

On the other hand an over-the-counter phentermine is available, the herbal phentermine. The distinction between the two is evident in their name- prescription phentermine diet pill and herbal phentermine. Herbal phentermine can be purchased without having to seek consultation with a doctor. This pill is considered as the natural version of the prescription phentermine diet pill, made especially to emulate the positive effects of the prescription phentermine while eliminating its side effects. It brings about weight reduction by increasing the metabolic rate, bringing down those extra calories and inhibiting the appetite so that a person using herbal phentermine will not feel hungry often. The herbal version contains only thermogenic components and side effects causing materials are eliminated. It is also considered safe and effective than most of its prescription counterparts.

Patients should follow the rules in acquiring controlled substances such as Phentermine. This is to avoid possible penalties for using or trying to buy phentermine without a prescription. It is best to seek medical recommendation before deciding to take any medicine which may pose greater risk if not used properly.