Phentermine, a weight loss pill, is considered as an essential boost in attaining a healthier and sexier body. However, those who take this pill should not expect overnight results because proper exercise and diet are still a must. Phentermine will only make it easier for the person to shift towards a healthier lifestyle if it is coupled with exercise and diet. Phentermine is only prescribed for short period since the body has the tendency to develop tolerance over the pill once used for longer periods. For this reason, Phentermine should only be used as an aid and not a substitute for diet and exercise.

Because of the growing popularity of this weight loss pill to obese people, manufacturers have also produced herbal Phentermine to serve as an alternative to other people who want to lose weight the natural way. This particular diet pill is said to mimic the FDA-approved drug Phentermine. This does not contain any natural Phentermine but combines amino acids and herbs to imitate the appetite-suppressing powers of prescription-only Phentermine. Producers of herbal Phentermine claim that it contains all of the positives of synthetic Phentermine. Another advantage of this kind of pill is that users may not experience any harmful or adverse side effects. This however is not yet backed-up by any scientific studies. Manufacturers do not claim that the products do not specify how much weight loss should be expected but they claimed that it can speed up metabolism and increase the rate of losing weight.

Herbal Phentermine can be found in different natural health stores in the internet. As compared to pharmaceutical Phentermine, you donít have to seek the prescription of your doctor to purchase this product. This type of herbal Phentermine is best taken before each meal in order to achieve the best results.

Herbal Phentermine are composed of green tea extract, acetyl L-carnitine, alpha lipoic, camellia, sinensis, bioperine, piper nigrum, and biotin. And unlike pharmaceutical Phentermine, it uses natural herbs which is said to imitate the effects of the pharmaceutical Phentermine. Producers of herbal Phentermine also emphasize the inclusion of the ingredients Green tea and black pepper extracts which are claimed by scientific studies to boost energy and temporarily burn additional calories. Herbal Phentermine also has a Biotin, a protein supplement that strengthens the nails and hair. This particular ingredient has the capacity to hasten weight loss though it has no proven scientific connections to weight loss.

Pharmaceutical Phentermine is actually a generic name of a lot of drugs like Fastin, Ionamin, Duromine, Teramine, Phenterex, Obermine and a lot more. Although some of these brands mentioned may no longer be available in the market today, there are still many branded Phentermine like Adipex-P. And because of their demand in the industry, other pharmaceutical companies are now manufacturing and distributing Phentermine which come in different variations. If you are really determined in losing weight, there are different brands that you can choose from so it is sometimes hard to find the right one for your needs. In choosing the right Phentermine for you, you need to consider who makes the Phentermine product since the efficacy depends on how the product is manufactured and what are the other ingredients included in Phentermine.

Now, who says that losing weight is getting more and more difficult these days? The industry now offers variety of weight loss pills such as Pharmaceutical Phentermine and the herbal phentermine. All you need to do is consult with your doctor first to know which of these supplements are the right one for your body. With proper exercise and diet, Phentermine is truly the answer to all your weight loss dilemma. You donít have to go through all the disappointments as Phentermine will be your aid in losing those extra fats.