As the main effect of taking Phentermine is as an appetite suppressor then you are going to find it is one of the best ways of losing weight over the long term, for by not getting the urge to eat all of the time and having that urge completely suppressed you will not feel hungry and naturally will eat less that will subsequently result in the weight dropping off you!

There are also some additional ways that you will be able to speed up the process of weight loss when you are using Phentermine and below we have listed several of the most people and common ways you can do this.

  • Using Social Media –Many people now use social media sites such as Facebook as a way of keeping track of their total weight loss, and Using Facebook for Weight Loss Support will ensure your friends are kept up to date of how much weight you are losing, and as such you will find them a good source of support, more so if you do not have the time to visit your friends and family as you would like!
  • Buy Phentermine Online – You will of course need to have enough stock of Phentermine at your disposal to last for any length of time, so to begin with we would suggest that you order enough of this drug to allow you to then put together the following additional weight loss schedule and program. Make sure you order enough for a long term weight loss program as you will not wish to run out of Phentermine half way through your weight loss routine!
  • Adjusting Your Snacks – Whilst using Phentermine your appetite will of course be suppressed but you will still need to eat, and as such we would suggest you put together a list of the snacks you are usually tempted to eat between meals and then swap them for more low calorie type of healthy snacks such as fruit, the sooner you do this the more effective you will be in regard to losing more weight when taking Phentermine.
  • When to Eat – As surprising as it may sound a lot of people actually watch television or text or use a laptop or mobile device when they are eating a meal, and as such studies have found that when you are eating a meal by removing any distractions you are least likely to over eat. The more distractions you have the more likely you are to over eat, and as such you should make a main meal a main event whenever you are sitting down to eat it with no distractions what so ever.
  • Weigh Yourself Daily – It may sound rather strange but by weighing yourself daily you will get into a rhythm of doing so and will see your weight loss right before your eyes, whilst there will of course be some days when you have no weight loss at all, by always having a set time that you do jump on the scales then you will be less likely to give into any cravings you have to snack and eat the wrong food stuffs during your weight losing schedule.
  • Exercise Regularly – One aspect of losing weight that you really will need to both think about doing and actual do is to do some form of exercise each and every day. This could be going out for a long walk or simply walking to the shops instead of taking your car, but you really are going to get the best weight loss results when you are taking Phentermine when you also do some form of daily exercise.Have a look at our Phentermine Exercise Guide for some ideas on the type of exercises you may be interested in doing when losing weight, you will not find them to strenuous and everyone should be able to fit in a small amount of exercise into their daily schedule.
  • Replacing Your Time – When you are bored or have nothing to do then this is often the one time when you are more than likely to grab for the snacks, and as such you should always have a few different distractions at your disposal that will keep you busy and away from the biscuit barrel!One of these ways could be to phone a friend and have a chat, there are of course plenty of detractions you can do such as mop the floor clean the windows, and the more of them you have the more likely you are to distract yourself from eating when on a diet.
  • Eat a Sensible Breakfast – They do say that the best way to start the day is by eating a sensible and very well balanced breakfast, and as such e would suggest you put together a listing of different things that are very low in fat which will enable you to have a breakfast each day but one that isn’t going to pile on the pounds.Many people think that by not having a breakfast they will often lose weight much quicker, however it is not always the case for missing this most important meal of the day will often lead you to get hungry before lunch and that is where a lot of people will start to snack on the wrong things as any hunger pains start to kick in.By having a sensible breakfast when using Phentermine you will soon start to see the weight dropping off! More so if you then do some form of exercise as soon as you have eaten your breakfast as is possible, so make sure you do even if that is only walking to the shop for a newspaper or taking the kids to school on foot as opposed to taking the car!
  • Avoiding Alcohol – One thing that you are going to have to keep a close eye on when on any type of diet is to watch your alcohol intake One of the biggest causes of weight gain is that people will drink way too much alcohol, and obviously if you do then get drunk you are more than likely going to start snacking or over eating whilst drunk, So make sure you put together a sensible plan of attack should you enjoy an occasional tipple, and stick to it rigidly, for it is going to have a negative effect on your weight loss if you drink to excess way too often!
  • Remember the Fruit Basket – Make sure that you eat a lot of fruit eat day, they do say you should have at least five portions of fruit a day, and as such make sure that you place a fruit basket somewhere in your home and always keep it fully stocked.When you do make a trip to the supermarket or greengrocer then make sure that you buy several different types of fruit as then you will have a choice on which fruit you eat when you would using be grabbing for the biscuits or cakes!
  • Sleep Routine – Many people will try and stay in bed for longer when they are on any type of diet or wish to lose weight as by doing so they will not be tempted to eat!It is very important that you have a regular sleep pattern and do not stay in bed too long for this can have an effect on your sleep/wake ratio and you may find if you stay in bed too long one day then you will get up early the following day and that is where you may get bored and be tempted to snack at the wrong time!So try and get a good night’s sleep every single day of the week, and staying in bed ill certainly not help you lose weight in the long run, as you do need to get up and about to lose calories!
  • Visualize Yourself Thinner – You should have in place a long term goal in regards to the weight you are looking to lose, and whilst you are on that journey plan on giving yourself a few treats on the way when you reach certain weight loss goals, These small treats should be a new item of clothing when you drop down a size or two, and once you have made it to your goal weight then that is when you should reward yourself with the best treat, which could be a holiday!

By having little bench mark weight loss treats set in place before you star to diet and as you are on your journey to losing weight then you will have something to aim of and look forward to when you reach those goals.