Human beings are the only species on earth that have a problem with obesity. This is most likely due to over abundance of food sources and our tendency to link various emotions to feelings of hunger and longing for food. While other species eat only for survival and no other reason, human beings tend to over indulge in food cravings. We have such a large appetite and tendency to eat too much that may likely result to a chronic disease called obesity. For the past two decades, millions of American adults, adolescents and children suffer serious health risk brought about by being overweight. Countless diets, slimming regimen, diet pills and weight loss strategies have been in the market which cost Americans billions of dollars every year.

There are several prescription medications that are currently approved for the treatment of obesity. One of the options that many people have taken in attempting to lose weight is the use of various appetite suppressants such as Adipex-P. Adipex-P is an appetite suppressant drug that is prescribed for short term use as part of an overall weight reduction program that also includes counseling, diet regimen and proper exercise.

Some people may have inadequate information about Adipex-P. This drug is a popular brand name for the prescription weight loss pill Phentermine. As an appetite suppressant it attempts to lessen a personís psychological motivation for food, even though there might be a need for food intake. The logic behind this is that if one takes an appetite suppressant, they will not feel hungry. With less energy spend focusing on your hunger, the person will ingest less food and by ingesting less food you are being able to achieve your weight loss goals and succeed in accomplishing fast weight loss. It is no wonder that this appealing effect made appetite suppressants become the most popular form of diet pills around the world.

It is also recommended for individuals who are excessively overweight wherein their condition may lead to serious medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure or high-cholesterol. This drug should be used along with a doctor-approved behavior change program that shall include a reduced-calorie diet and regular exercise in order to help an overweight person achieve a healthy body.

Using prescription weight loss drugs to treat obesity, such as Adipex-P, should always be upon the advice of trusted medical personnel. Patients with other medical conditions, allergic reactions or taking up other medications are advised to closely check with their doctors for side effects or complications that may possibly occur. It is also very important to use Adipex-P as directed. The dosage is based on the patientsí medical condition and therapy response. This medication should be taken regularly and exactly as prescribed in order to get the most benefit from it.

Potential risk to serious side effects and dependability on the drug may happen if taken in larger dosage to boost its effectiveness. It can also cause various side effects with varying range of severity which may include insomnia, severe rashes, impaired hearing, headaches and dizziness. Depending on the severity of side effects, you should always take extra precautions and consult a doctor for proper monitoring. Self medicating should also be avoided as it may lead to other serious side effects.

In general, the effects of these medications are modest, leading to an average initial weight loss of between 5 and 22 pounds. It gradually increases once accompanied by sensible eating and regular exercise. The sensation of fullness that the patient feels after taking this drug will surely cut off extra cravings which adds up to your unburned calories. Once your food cravings are suppressed it is easier to make healthy life choices and start eating the nutritious foods that allow you to maintain a nourished body and live a long, prosperous life. Adipex pills as an appetite suppressant is also a good alternative for obese persons are simply trying to maintain their weight. Losing weight is made easy as you develop healthy eating habits and burn fat with little or no effort.

People should also take into account individual differences when assessing the effectiveness of Adipex-P. Some people may experience greater weight loss than others. The goal of prescribing Adipex pills as weight loss medication is to help the medically at-risk obese patient “jump-start” their weight loss effort and be able to lose 10% or more of body weight. Once the ideal weight is achieved, it usually leads to a reduction in risk for obesity-related illnesses. However, it should not be regarded as a total cure for obesity and other related illnesses. Adipex-P is only a part of a complete program that will lead you to your ideal body weight.